Our battle with coronavirus is clearly still ongoing, despite the advent of available vaccines. There is some way to go with the effects likely to last well into the future.

The direct, Covid related, impact of the disease on our health is communicated clearly on a daily basis, but the pandemic is impacting other areas of our well-being including that of mental health, that are less well publicised.

On 27th Dec 2020, The Guardian reported Dr Adrian James, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, saying this about the pandemic — ‘a combination of the disease, its social consequences…

This piece published on the Just Breathe Project — The Mindful Tourist.

For those who love to travel, a big question for the (near) future will be — when will we be able to travel ‘properly’ again? Where can we go and what will the world of travel and tourism look like?

What we do know is that people like to travel. Over the last few decades cheap flights have allowed us to travel affordably, regularly and discover different parts of the world.

A good example of this passion for travel (and a demonstration of ‘pent-up demand’) from a few…

See this article published on the Just Breathe Project website. -

What is your relationship with curiosity? Do you dare to think expansively or do you shelter in what you know? Nick Hammond explains why we should be regularly feeding our curious selves.

I recently read an article about curiosity, quoting research concerning brain activity. It observed that we are ‘most curious when we feel the need to recall something that we are close to remembering.’ This is commonly known as the ‘tip of the tongue’ phenomenon.

On the flip side, we are seemingly least curious when we think we…

I started meditating around two years ago, after experiencing a close personal loss. But of all of the mindfulness experiences I have attempted, going on retreat felt a little nerve wracking.

Where I started

My introduction came through using a mindfulness app, which was followed by more extended periods of meditation in tandem with ‘everyday mindfulness’ practices. It was only when I started studying with The Mindfulness Network that I stumbled upon the idea of retreats. These interested me because I realised deep down I was yearning for a more extended mindful experience than was possible in everyday moments. I’ve now gone on three retreats, some including lengthy periods of total silence. I have to say that, of all of the mindfulness experiences I have attempted, going on retreat felt a little nerve wracking.

My relatively short experience (just under two years) of mindfulness and meditation started in June 2018, predicated by the experience of a close personal loss. Following this, I sought solace in meditation, starting with short introductory sessions on Headspace, then becoming interested in Buddhism and studying with The Mindfulness Network.

The seed that helped sow my initial interest in this area, ten years ago, was provided via an old work contact at Street Wisdom.org

Reading a recent Economist leader The game’s the thing — as covid-19 causes sports cancellations, what can be done? (reg may be necessary), took me back to my university days studying political theory & philosophy and raised a thought relating to the C-19 crisis.

One section of the piece caught my eye — John Maynard Keynes talked a lot about the importance of “animal spirits” to economic growth. ‘How will consumers feel when all forms of collective enjoyment are denied them? There are only so many Netflix shows one can binge-watch without going stir crazy. The Romans understood the…

21st April 2020

I’d like to share some thoughts around my experience of mindfulness and the evolution of this across the last few years. This is a personal story, but I hope some of it may help in providing guidance to others, on how to approach living with a more mindful attitude.

I am fairly new to this game. It was only in the summer of 2018, at 50+ years, and after I had suffered a very close and painful bereavement, that I felt I desperately needed something to assist, both with the grieving process and to help me…

Big Bend National Park, Texas, USA

Harold Macmillan (UK Prime Minister 1957–63) was once asked what was most likely to blow a government off course. Macmillan replied: “Events, my dear boy, events”….. Governments and businesses make plans but it is the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes that will determine success in the future.

The thought piece below looks at the challenges (and opportunities) facing destination brands in the Travel and Tourism Sector, in the face of the current C-19 crisis.

A few important caveats to mention before we start. Firstly, the uncertainty of what the (near) future will hold and how this will impact the…

It is human nature to look for reassurance in a rapidly changing world that is replete with uncertainty and inconsistency. In a search for certainty we sift through increasingly large amounts of information and as the alternatives increase, we need better reputational guidance than we have ever had before.

In a simpler, ‘data-lite’ by-gone era, we relied on institutions with established reputations, for guidance. But as we know, the trend away from trusting established organs such as politicians, banks, the media etc…, has been ongoing for some time. These established bodies have been replaced by a wider range of reputational…

  1. ‘Lil Miquela has been a source of fascination for many on Instagram since her account launched in April 2016, but for her first two years of existence, no one could definitively say who or what was behind the operation….’ (NB- C.G.I. Influencers, like Lil Miquela are about to flood your feeds).
  2. Jeff Bezos has banned powerpoint from Amazon executive meetings. As a replacement, everyone sits silently for about 30 minutes to read a “six-page memo that’s narratively structured with real sentences, topic sentences, verbs, and nouns.” From Inc., here are 3 reasons why this is a good idea.
  3. From Scott…

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